Now the regional government is taking action and is closing a number of bars on the party miles. “” To enforce the Corona measures, the police on Mallorca are now using a helicopter against unruly bathers.

Now the regional government is taking action and is closing a number of bars on the party miles. “” To enforce the Corona measures, the police on Mallorca are now using a helicopter against unruly bathers.

The tourism officer emphasized: “It is also important to us that travel is possible again.” With a view to a possible lifting of the travel warning for Mallorca, Bareiß was optimistic, but wants to wait for figures from the Robert Koch Institute: “The figures are going back again. That is, if we might also get the green from the RKI in the next day Get light so that traveling on Mallorca is then possible again. “Source:” FDP boss Christian Lindner does not believe in radical changes for the benefit of the climate. (Photo: imago images / Revierfoto) In times of “Fridays for Future “, FDP boss Lindner takes a completely different path. In an interview he warns of the effects of radical climate policy and speaks of restrictions on freedom. More” inventive talent “instead of” tough restrictions on freedom “: FDP boss Christian Lindner has before a social division The climate policy warned: At the moment, abstract talk about climate protection, “without us naming the prices”, criticized Linder in the “Interview of the week” of the Deutschlandfunk.

His concern is that “the well-heeled who can afford green CO2 prices will continue as before.” “They continue to fly on backpacker vacations to Asia because they can afford it, and the others who cannot have such a high income, those are those who have to forego a car, vacation, eating habits and that is a new social division that we don’t have to have, “said the FDP leader in the interview that will be broadcast on Sunday His concern is “that approval for a radical climate policy could decline massively in the next few years and decades if we actually see the effects”. Germany has opted for a form of energy policy “that has brought us the highest electricity prices in Europe for citizens and businesses,” he criticized. If these “planned economy” instruments were to be extended to all areas of life on a large scale, the Federal Republic would “not be a shining example, but a daunting example,” warned the FDP leader. Having a climate-neutral Germany as early as 2030 would be considered He was physically and technically not possible, said Linder. “We have not yet managed to build the necessary power lines that we have for the current state of renewable energies.” Instead, on the way to complying with the 2030 and 2050 climate targets, “the low-hanging fruit must always be harvested,” demanded Lindner . “That means that initiatives should be started now in 2019 in order to make rapid progress in the heating sector, i.e. with heating and building renovation.” The warming area as the “sleeping giant in climate protection” must be awakened. “Before we ration air travel or make it so expensive that a middle-class family can no longer afford a holiday in Mallorca, before we tackle certain areas rigorously, we should first take the first steps in the other areas, where nothing has happened yet, “said the FDP biology essay writing service uk

He is convinced that “if we awaken our inventive spirit, we will be able to live and operate in a climate-neutral manner without these tough restrictions on freedom.” Source:, jaz / AFP “” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Mallorca Malle is only once a year: But after only three months, the holiday season on the island could be over again. The infection rate in the Balearic Islands is high – and the trend is rising.

Now there is a threat of a travel warning for the Spanish Mediterranean region. By Christoph Rieke The Foreign Office has already issued travel warnings for some regions in Spain. So far Mallorca has been spared from this, but the number of infections is increasing again significantly there. An official warning would be the next major blow for the island.

Spain vacationers should be shocked by this news: The Foreign Office warns against traveling to Madrid and the Basque Country. This is justified with new sources of infection. The main purpose of the travel warning is to act as a deterrent, but it also has a great advantage for vacationers.

The former Hanoverian Hells Angels boss Hanebuth is on trial – he and his cronies are accused of collective bodily harm. But the victim shies away from testifying against Hanebuth – which may have contributed to the mild punishment. The main travel season is halfway up and the German travel industry is taking stock: Due to the corona pandemic, it is making two thirds less sales than last year. However, more bookings are now coming in again. Two regions are particularly popular.

At the best holiday time, new infections with the corona virus are also increasing in several European countries. According to the German health authorities, travelers with the destination Spain should be careful. There, the seven-day limit is exceeded in three regions. While Madrid and Mallorca recently restarted the measures against the corona pandemic, other regions of Spain are now reporting a slight easing of the situation. In parts of Catalonia, the exit restrictions and lockdowns that apply there will be lifted.

Politicians have a clear goal: travelers returning from risk areas should be tested for the corona virus at airports. But what about train or bus travelers? And shouldn’t Mallorca vacationers also be tested? The plans raise many questions – and arouse criticism.

A couple and two children are returning from their summer vacation in Mallorca. An employer arranges a test and it comes out: The family is infected with the coronavirus. The search for contact persons is now under way – not only in Germany. Pictures show hundreds of people from Germany and Great Britain who celebrate and dance on Mallorca – without adhering to the Corona requirements.

Now the regional government is taking action and is closing a number of bars on the party miles. “” To enforce the Corona measures, the police on Mallorca are now using a helicopter against unruly bathers. Source: “A total of almost 7,000 corona cases have been reported on Mallorca so far – more than a third of them in August. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The new infections on Mallorca are climbing, and Germany is also issuing a travel warning In response, the Majorcan government has announced new restrictions, for example to prevent evening beach parties.

Even smoking in public will soon be a criminal offense. To curb the rising number of corona infections, new restrictions are being introduced on Mallorca: Among other things, night visits to the beach and park are to be prohibited. However, the regional government of the Balearic Islands initially wanted to continue to advise on the restrictions announced in Palma on Wednesday evening. According to the statements, they should come into force on the Friday after their publication in the Official Journal, if possible. In the Balearic Islands, 336 new infections were reported within 24 hours on Wednesday.

The total number since the beginning of the pandemic climbed to almost 7,000 cases – more than a third of them in August. Regional President Francina Armengol admitted the increase in new infections is “worrying”. She spoke of a “second wave” of the corona pandemic.

With regard to the delivery of patients suffering from Covid-19, the situation on Mallorca and the other islands is “significantly better,” emphasized Armengol. Visiting urban beaches and parks during the night should therefore be banned because it is always mainly young people – including tourists – who meet there in large numbers and very often without the mandatory protective mask to celebrate and consume alcohol. The meetings of young people and also parties in the private space are considered to be two of the main reasons for the many new outbreaks not only on Mallorca, but also in other regions of Spain. Among the announced measures for those tourists who want to visit the Germans’ favorite island in the near future despite the travel warning, in addition to the new beach rules, the following are especially important: Smoking in public spaces should be completely prohibited.

At private meetings, a maximum of ten people will again be allowed, provided they do not belong to the same household. And in bars, restaurants and cafés, the number of allowed guests is to be reduced again – the details have not yet been clarified. Source:, mdi / dpa “” The rock and pop singer Peter Maffay has Chancellor Angela Merkel more numerous on behalf of them asked other colleagues for quick help for musicians and concert organizers. Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on Mallorca Defense Minister Scharping is under fire for some snapshots from his vacation. Surprise at Real Mallorca: The Spanish top club signed Bernd, who had failed at Borussia Dortmund Krauss as the new trainer.

Defense Minister Scharping is under fire for some snapshots from vacation. Surprise at Real Mallorca: The Spanish top club signed Bernd Krauss, who had failed at Borussia Dortmund, as their new coach. “German vacationers who want to go on their Mallorca vacation this year will soon have to do so under difficult conditions. (Photo: imago images / Chris Emil Janßen) After several regions of Spain are already considered a risk area, the federal government is extending the travel warning to the entire Spanish mainland. The particularly popular holiday destination Mallorca is also affected. Only a certain archipelago is the exception. The federal government has decided internally that Spain will up to The Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed that the Canary Islands are to be classified as a risk area.

This also declares the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca a risk area due to the increased number of corona infections. The Federal Foreign Office issued a travel warning for corresponding regions. The travel warning does not constitute a travel ban for Spain.

There are two options for returnees from Corona risk areas: Either they can be tested in the holiday country in the 48 hours before departure. Then you have to pay for the test yourself. Or they can be tested up to three days after returning to Germany. This is then free of charge.

You have to stay in quarantine at home until the test result is there. According to the Ministry of Health, this usually takes 24 to 48 hours. The central criterion for classification as a risk area is whether there have been more than 50 newly infected people per 100,000 inhabitants in the relevant state or region in the past seven days.

Which countries and regions are considered risk areas can be found in a list of the federal RKI, which is continuously updated. It currently includes around 130 countries from Egypt to Russia to the USA. From the EU, Luxembourg, the Belgian province of Antwerp and parts of Romania and Bulgaria are currently also on the list of risk areas.

Spain is one of the regions in Europe worst affected by the coronavirus. Many parts of the country are currently experiencing a second wave of infections. The RKI had already classified the regions of Aragon, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Madrid and Navarra as risk areas. Source:, mba / ter / rts / dpa “Mallorca is dependent on tourism. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Because of increasing Corona figures, the federal government also declares Mallorca a risk area and warns against traveling there.

This is a huge blow for the holiday island. After Germany’s travel warning for almost all of Spain including Mallorca, fear of an economic crash in the Balearic Islands is growing. The newspaper “Diario de Mallorca” described the decision of the federal government to also declare the Germans’ favorite holiday island a corona risk area and to warn against traveling there as a “fatal blow.” This would have fulfilled the worst fears that tourism had for tourism This season, the newspaper wrote. Nowhere in Spain except in the Canary Islands, which have been exempted from the travel warning due to lower corona numbers, people are more dependent on tourism than in the Balearic Islands. In both regions, the industry sustains around 35 percent of economic output.

The regional government was confident that the corona numbers would soon fall again. However, there were initially no signs of this. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn defended the federal government’s travel warning. “This is not a travel ban, but the clear message: Anyone who comes from vacation in Spain must be in quarantine as long as they do not have a negative test result,” said the CDU politician of “Bild am Sonntag”. “And if you go to Spain despite the warning, you should protect yourself and others on vacation. Party vacation is irresponsible in this pandemic.” He knows what this government decision means for many vacationers, for travel agencies or for Spain, said Spahn. “But unfortunately the number of infections is increasing there, too much.” According to the German Travel Association (DRV), there are currently around 30,000 German package holidaymakers in the Balearic Islands. Spokesman Torsten Schäfer.

However, there is still no overview of how many vacationers wanted to leave early in the next few days. While the tourism industry on Mallorca fears for its existence because of the German travel warning, German vacationers are fairly relaxed about the situation. The three friends Sabine, Alex and Renate from Hildesheim only arrived in Mallorca in the morning. “We saw on the Internet yesterday evening that Mallorca is now a risk area. But our suitcases were already packed, there was no other option,” said 29-year-old Renate of the dpa.

You definitely don’t want to spoil your holiday mood. That could well work, because the Balearic Islands with Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera have not been as empty and relaxed as this year for decades. The local business people who fear for their livelihood due to the tourist downturn are more of a lousy mood. He would have wished for “more solidarity” from the German side, says Juan Miguel Ferrer, operator of a restaurant on Playa de Palma.

He would have thought it better if experts from Germany had examined the situation on site instead of just basing their decisions on statistics. After all, a holiday destination like Playa de Palma with lots of open-air bars is a low-risk area, but the statistics of the island’s own government are clear.

February 23, 2020 06:31